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This author is currently experiencing a disorder known as "writer's block." (Also sometimes referred to as crushing self-doubt, existential dread, and descent into madness.

At this time, what is and what should be are not what they ought be. Please take all claims, promises, and aspirations made by said author with a large salt block.

We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Here's the scoop

I'm a self-published author of a 4-book YA fantasy series, Dragon and Storm, that you'll find below...

...but I'm my own worst critic, and I've decided I don't like it anymore.





For seven years, Talea has kept an extraordinary secret: she has the ability to manipulate lightning.


Despite her secret, she lives a simple, lowly life in a small village. Until her fifteenth birthday, when everything starts unraveling. She meets two strangers. The first, a mysterious warrior. Though he seems to know who she is, he gives no clues about his identity or intentions. The second, Wylan—a boy her age with the same ability. According to Wylan, the warrior is an assassin, and he knows their secret. It’s unclear whether he wants to exploit it, or destroy it. It is clear, however, that her family is at risk. And all the while, rumors are spreading that the new king’s schemes will endanger them all.


To leave the village is illegal...but to stay might be fatal.

"suspense, Action, and adventure" 

- Melissa

"Daughter of Lightning is a gripping adventure. Give it time to warm up and it will suck you in as the scope and drama is cleverly unraveled with each subsequent page. It is a story that has immense potential moving forward. Through Daughter of Lightning, the author has carefully set the scene for a grander story to come and she has done a marvelous job of creating characters that you can feel invested in."

- David

"Entertaining and Engrossing" 

- Joanie

"Well-written, Moving, and Intriguing" 

- Megan


Son of Winter

Book 2 of the Dragon and Storm Series

The Eradication--the killing and enslaving of all San Quawr--has returned to Zentyre. Yhkon was just a boy when it first came and left him orphaned, alone, and determined to one day avenge his family.


That day is finally at hand. He and seven fellow warriors must finish gathering the eight teenagers destined to free the San Quawr before the Eradication reaches them and before the man behind it all--Kaydor--discovers their abilities.


In the shadow of an impending war, their journey soon becomes perilous and grueling. Yhkon has secrets that threaten to undermine his leadership and the trust of his ward, Talea.


But he isn’t the only one with secrets that could prove devastating.

I am always skeptical of the second books in series, as they are generally books that bridge the first book in to the rest of the series, and aren't usually as good. ... I am happy to say that this book, Son of Winter, not only lived up to what the first book offers, but exceeded it! ... This book is a shining example of how to take what is presented in the first book and build upon it beautifully with perfection!

This book was action packed, intriguing, humorous in the right spots, yet also serious when needed to be. I cared for the characters and their ordeals as if they were real people, real friends, that I had come to know and love. I thought about them even when not reading.


We have dragons!

I could not put down this book nor read it fast enough! ... I find myself thinking about the scenes, stories, and its people throughout my day, as if I'm living beside them.


Action, drama, suspense

Son of winter introduced a whole new level of character dynamics between wardens and their wards. As the group travels throughout the country to find the remaining teenagers of the Eight, we get a much deeper insight into Yhkon's struggles with his past and how this affects his relationship with Talea.



Heir of the Dragon

Book 3 of the Dragon and Storm Series

After three years of peace and preparation, the war between Dragon and Storm has begun.

Each side is championed by a powerful leader. Talea is the Captain of the San Quawr and their greatest warrior, destined to end the Eradication. Zoper is the Prince of Zentyre and a skilled swordsman, whose band of elite warriors has trained for three years to defend their region against the San Quawr. 

As the battle unfolds, Talea and Zoper find themselves connected by a dangerous, fragile bond of understanding. Both young warriors must face the horrors of war, terrible choices, and haunting consequences. 

But Talea is the Storm’s lightning, and Zoper is the Dragon’s fire. The fate of their people is in their hands, and war leaves no room for mercy.

The War has Begun

The best thing about this series is the unique characters. They are well written and you get to know them, their wit (Zoper!), their struggles (Talea!) and their tempers (Yhkon!). I haven't even mentioned Grrake or Shanteya or Rikky yet - they are all vivid and alive in these pages. I found myself enjoying their company one minute and then frustrated with them the next minute - kind of just like people in real life. Meanwhile, the story moves forward, the war begins and I was utterly absorbed by all of it!


Love, intrigue, deception, war, and loss.


Each book in the Dragon and Storm series keeps getting better! The deep struggles going on inside Talea and Zopor hit your gut and keep the pages turning. (But there's plenty of humor and wit thrown in at the perfect times!)



Queens of War

Final Book of the Dragon and Storm Series

The Dragon’s claws are sinking in for the kill. The Eight have been crippled and scattered, the Wardens are thwarted at every turn, and the San Quawr ranks have been infiltrated. 

The end seems inevitable. The fate of the war now rests in unlikely hands:


A mother who has waited decades for vengeance.

An imprisoned, broken leader with information the enemy needs.

A wife who has been silenced by fear for far too long.


The war between Dragon and Storm isn’t over yet...but every war comes at a cost

War Demands a Price

Fantastic conclusion to the series! I love that this story has not been predictable. While the reader may have expected Talea to save the day all along, the beautiful and relatable thing about the Dragon and Storm series, is there is more than one hero/heroine in this tale - thus the title "Queens..." plural. Another excellent read and satisfying end to a very good story!


Sad to see the story come to an end.


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