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Book profit goes to charity for the rest of December!

December--the perfect month for giving AND for reading--is the last month to purchase any of the Dragon and Storm books and have the sales profit go to a charity that cares for orphans in Uganda. I've donated over $300 in book sales profit so far, and I hope to add more before the year is done. The charity, Hands of Love, is an amazing ministry. Learn more here, and consider donating! Or simply give a book to a friend, (or give a book to yourself) and contribute that way.

Personally, I hope to do a lot of reading this month. Today was the last day of the semester (*cue the extremely clumsy but very ecstatic happy-dance*) and I'm suddenly made of time. Well, just kidding...I finished school just in time for things to become, in my boss' own words, "pure hell" at work. Guess that's what happens when you work in retail this time of year. So, bring on the overtime.

Anyway, with what free time I DO have, I've committed to read and review two books by indie authors (one upcoming, one just released). Here comes my mantra--perhaps the best way to support struggling indie writers is to leave a review! I hope to help out these fellow indies by doing just that. Plus, I did a commissioned piece of character concept art for one of them, and it's a dragon, and I freakin' love dragons, so obviously I have to read the book to meet this awesome dragon I got to sketch! Another goal for Christmas break is to do some drawing and painting, which I haven't had time to do during school.

Hopefully I'll do lots of additional reading to these two indie titles. But, if we're being honest...Netflix may prove the death of my further reading plans. Stupid Netflix. That and Marvel movie re-watches...

What are your plans for this season of snow and cheer? Minus the snow? If you're in my corner of the world, it doesn't look much like Christmas. But don't be deceived. Sunny, 60-degree weather can indicate any day of any season here in South Dakota. Me being who I am, I'll still act like it's snowy and cold out there, and stay cozied up inside with a book...or Netflix.

I'd love to hear what you're reading (or watching... ;)) this month!

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