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Daughter of Lightning: Available Now!

It's here. As of yesterday, Daughter of Lightning hit Amazon.

You can get it as a paperback or an ebook. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can even read the ebook free. If you want a paperback but don't necessarily want to spend the money, I'll be doing a free giveaway in a few days. So hang tight for that!

So, ready to get your copy? Click here. Or, head over to the "Books" page and hit one of those big purple buttons. If you're color-blind, they might be blue. They should still work the same. If the button is orange, go ahead and click it, but then you may want to see a doctor.

Already have your copy on its way in the mail, or in your ebook library? Maybe even started reading it? Plan to get it soon? Keep reading. (This post. Though I hope you keep reading the book, too.)

Now that we're post-release-date, there are some things to discuss.


Hopefully, when you get to that last page, you'll be wanting to get your hands on the sequel. (If not...well, just keep that to yourself.) Daughter of Lightning is the first installment of a four-book series--which means we're just getting started, my friends (not a threat). I've already written all three of the following books. I'm about to start the editing process of the second one, so I'm expecting to release that one around April or May. Only a couple months away!


As you're reading, you might come across a typo. Unfortunately, one of the disadvantages of self-publishing is that instead of a whole team of editors to scour the manuscript like a red-pen-wielding, glasses-wearing, disapprovingly-humming Grammarly, I've only got what I was able to pay for: one editor, and some friends that beta read for me. And the simple fact is that it takes a lot of eyes on such a big piece of writing to catch all the typos. So I promise you that I read and reread and reread that darn manuscript until I thought my eyes would bleed--but there are still going to be some typos.

On the flipside, an advantage of self-publishing, is that I can fix them. It's not hard for me to go back and fix a typo, so that it's not in future copies. Grand total of this information: if you find a typo, feel free to let me know! But please don't be like autocorrect, who is determined that all 73 uses of my made-up word barbsit is a whipping-post-worthy sin.

(And in case you're wondering, a barbsit is a rabbit-like creature. What an original name, right? I promise not all my made-up fantasy words are that bad. Barbsit is one of the words from my first draft, written at the wise and sophisticated age of thirteen.)


More importantly than your typo-detection skills, I want to know what you think. Honest reviews would be much, much appreciated. Not only do they make it more likely for other potential readers to buy, they actually boost the book in Amazon's algorithms, so it gets listed higher.

Aside from reviews, I'd also just love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to contact me (comment, email, or message by social media--whatever you like!) and tell me about your reading experience. Of course I hope you enjoy it, but I appreciate constructive criticism too!


I gotta throw out a big THANK YOU to everyone who has helped me get to this point. Some of you beta read for me. Some of you have liked and shared my social media posts. Some of you were the very first to order a copy. Some of you have been encouraging me in this process for days, weeks, or even years. All of you are awesome, and very appreciated. Specific thanks to that random lady at a frozen yogurt shop a couple years ago who wanted to shake my hand so she could say she'd touched an author. Her enthusiasm was a little disproportionate, perhaps, but appreciated all the same.

Now, with all that said--happy reading. I hope you enjoy The Zappy Fingers book, as my brother calls it.

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