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Everything you need to know about Queens of War

Fourth and final book releases this Saturday the 15th!

This is the conclusion to the Dragon and Storm series. As with the last book, Heir of the Dragon, this is intended for an older audience than the first two books. The characters have aged, so the content and themes have too. While probably okay for mature 13+ readers, it is intended for 15+. You can expect similar content as Heir of the Dragon. A few uses of mild curse words, violence, and mature themes. There are some torture scenes.

Queens of War, like the last three books, will be available on Amazon as both a paperback and ebook. And in case you missed my last post--all profit from book sales is going to charity!

Also like the last three, I greatly appreciate reviews. :) Not only do I love feedback from readers, but reviews also boost sales, which in turn will boost the proceeds going to the charity Hands of Love!

Contact me with any questions. I hope you enjoy this final piece of the story!

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