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Fall Book Sale!

Who doesn't love fall?

Sweaters, steaming coffee mugs, sunflowers and fallen leaves, being chilly outside and cozy inside. I know what you're thinking--I missed the best part: pumpkin spice! Well, my secret is out. I don't like pumpkin spice.

But I do love books. Even working full time and being a full-time student, reading is one pass-time I find time (or make time, if necessary) for. Currently I'm on the fourth book of the Throne of Glass series, and I'm loving it.

So in the spirit of cozying up in an oversized sweater with a cup of coffee and a book to read, I'm having a fall book sale!

For the rest of October, the Dragon and Storm series is discounted. The paperbacks are 10-20% off, and the ebooks are 25% off. We're talking less than ten bucks for a paperback. The college student and bookworm in me loves a discounted book as much as the next person!

And remember, for the rest of 2020, all book sales profit goes to a charity called Hands of Love, caring for orphans in Uganda.

So check out the discounted Dragon and Storm books on Amazon, and happy fall!

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