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Now donating all 2020 sales profit to charity!

Hi guys! The fourth and final book of the Dragon and Storm series, Queens of War, releases this coming Saturday the 15th. So in a day or two I'll give you the scoop on that as I've done with the previous books, but first I want to share something else I'm very excited about.

I've decided to donate all the profit from book sales this year to charity. It may not be

much, but it's something, and that way these books can accomplish something truly worthwhile. The charity I've chosen is called Hands of Love. Hands of Love operates two orphanages in Uganda that provide for and educate almost three thousand children who would otherwise be hungry, alone, in danger, and without any hope of a brighter future.

My brother, aunt, uncle, and cousins have had the opportunity to visit these orphanages, seeing the overwhelming need and the heart-wrenching situations of these children. Hands of Love also has a sponsorship program where you can sponsor an orphan, paying for their basic needs and education. You receive pictures and updates, you can send gifts on their birthday and at Christmas, and can exchange letters with your sponsored child. A couple years ago I sponsored a girl named Mariam, and feel privileged to do so. We so often take for granted how much we have, and don't realize how little others have.

Donating the profits from my books is just one small way to contribute, and it gives readers the opportunity to contribute too. I hope that by spreading awareness about Hands of Love and these children, more people will also choose to donate to the organization separately and maybe sponsor more orphans. For every sponsored child who feels they have finally found a family and are finally cared for, there are so many other children who are alone and in need.

So every time you buy one of my books, no matter which one or what format, the profit will be used to support Hands of Love and the orphans they care for. And I hope you will check out their website and consider if you could sponsor one of the children there.

To get things started and encourage more people to get involved, for the first thirty book sales I will donate the profit plus an additional $3 per book, starting today. I will also donate all the profit from previous book sales. So for those of you who have already purchased one of my books, thank you for making that possible.

If you have any questions about how this donation will work and what exactly your money will go to, about Hands of Love, or anything else, please feel free to contact me! I am excited to make this small contribution, and am grateful to anyone who will take part with me.

Pictures courtesy of my aunt from her visit to Uganda :)

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