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Reader survey: interested in a side-story?

I come to you after a long absence with a couple questions! Firstly, I'd like to *cough cough* be more active on this blog and start posting regularly. To do that...I need to come up with something to post. Crazy how that works. So if any of my lovely readers have suggestions or ideas, I would love to hear them! Anything book-related is in the running, such as reviews, writing tips, story prompts, you name it.

Perhaps my more important question...would any of those same lovely readers be interested in a side-story to the Dragon and Storm series?

Ever since I wrote that bittersweet last word of Queens of War, and especially ever since I finished all the editing and formatting, published all four books, and was well and truly done with the process...I've felt that the story isn't quite complete. And I haven't been able to get possibilities for a follow-up book out of my head. I told myself that no, the ideas weren't solid enough to make into a whole book, and no, don't be one of those authors who just can't let a story die...but do you know how hard it is to quiet the voices in my head?!

Eh heh heh...that came out a little weirder than intended. The point is, the idea wouldn't die.

So eventually I just wrote the darn thing.

Now, the darn thing is written, it is in being. It is far from finished, it leaves much to be desired as a very rough rough draft, and shall certainly see much editing before another pair of eyes shall ever be allowed to witness its existence.

However...the question is now whether or not there are many pairs of eyes interested in witnessing the existence of this darn thing.

I'll stop rambling and speak coherently now. :) This side-story picks up right where the main series leaves off, but it's in Yhkon's POV as he goes to his home region, Sanonyn. I can't give many more details than that in case any of you haven't read Queens of War and I'd be spoiling the ending.

The other noteworthy tidbit about this darn thing is that, unlike the Dragon and Storm books, it's not YA. It has an almost entirely adult cast, and consequently deals with more adult themes and content. It's a bit darker and grittier than the original series. There's still nothing more mature than you'd find in many PG-13 movies, but it's definitely not a book meant for kids. Younger readers probably wouldn't resonate with the story anyway. So this is meant for any 15+ readers of the Dragon and Storm series who would like more of a resolution to Yhkon's story and character.

So my question for you, lovely readers, is whether or not you would be interested in such a darn thing, so I know whether or not to go to the trouble of editing it and releasing it upon the world. If there's only a few people interested, I may just make it available as PDF here on my website, without actually publishing a physical book on Amazon.

If you have any feedback, please leave a comment below or drop me a note at the "About" page, or find me on Insta! I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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