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So what's happening with the Dragon and Storm series?

You might think I phrased that as a question to imply that it's something you're asking.

Nope, I'm asking it.

I'm as confused as you are. Probably more so.

But the gist is...meh. I decided I'm not satisfied with the series as it is. (What artist/creative ever is satisfied with their work?) Yeah, I know...I should have decided that before I went to all the trouble--and it was a lot of trouble--publishing four books. Trust me, I have regrets. (I could really use that needlessly spent cha-ching about now...)

Alas, however. The keyboard is whispering seductively to me. My book children are howling night and day for attention. The series demands to be written. Well...written again. Better.

So here I am, rewriting it.

And no, this isn't a regular edit. This is a demolish-the-wall-but-keep-the-bricks-to-build-a-new-one rewrite. Same characters, same setting, same overall plot...but a lot of other things are totally different. And a lot of the characters are portrayed in a new light. (I was planning to cut a few supporting characters out altogether...couldn't do it.)

You can find glimpses of these changes in the story snippets I'll be posting from time to time. I can't give you too many details, spoilers around here.

How far along is this rewrite, you ask?

Not very. I'm about a third done with the first book. And of course, writing the thing is just step 1--there's endless editing to do after that, and hopefully publishing (traditional this time, which takes way longer), so if you're going to want to read it...sorry. Hang tight. For like two years. They say patience is a virtue. I have little personal experience with that, though. Let me know how it goes for you.



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