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Yhkon's Playlist


Dragon and Storm has a large cast of characters. Use this list to keep track of everyone!

Talea's Playlist



Heads up:

Some songs have more context with the third and fourth book.

Wardens' Playlist
The Eight's Playlist
Grrake's Playlist
Yhkon and Jay's
Jaylee's Playlist

The Eight

The Eight are eight fifteen-year-olds with the ability to control lightning. They were prophesied by Narone, destined to lead a war that would free their people—the San Quawr—from the Eradication. Each has a specific role in the group.


Talereinna Andul, Talea – Eun (One): Talea is the Raiw, or Captain, of the Eight. She is Zentyren and a quarter Irlaish. Born and raised in Vissler Village, Talea is lower class.

Wylan Cravei – Werrin (Two): Wylan is the Marshal, Talea’s second-in-command. He is Irlaish, his family having immigrated to Zentyre when he was young. He lived in Twaskked, as middle class, until his family was killed for being San Quawr. Then he lived on his own, wandering from town to town, until he found Talea.

Terindi Vegn – Hyrru (Three): Terindi is the Supporter. She is half Canadise, half Zentyren, and grew up in a lower class village called Luriville. She has three younger siblings.

Kiloe and Kilae Krim, Ki and Kae– Quoye (Four) and Orrah (Five): Ki is called the Friend, Kae is the Mediator. They are Zentyren and middle class, born and raised in Castown. Ki and Kae are twins, and they have two younger siblings. Their parents, Alket and Ayida, knew Yhkon when he was just a boy.

Rikayis Iserwood, Rikky – Shive (Six): Rikky is the Soldier. He is Zentyren, and lower class, living in Alesmet Village. His only family is his abusive father.

Skyve Lagat – Xen (Seven): Skyve is the Advisor. As upper class, he lives in Fesdor, with his parents and his two little sisters. He is mostly Irlaish.

Amilyne Firreyl, Ami – Lavess (Eight): Ami is the Caretaker. She lives in Aydimor. As an orphan, she is automatically part of the lower class. She is Canadise.



The Wardens are an elite group of warriors tasked to protect the Eight and train them for the coming war. Each is assigned specifically to one ward.

Yhkon Tavker – Silquije Eun – Yhkon is Sanonyan and the leader of the Wardens.

Grrake Sjanteven – Silquije Werrin – Grrake is Sanonyan and Yhkon’s second-in-command. He trained Yhkon.

Ahjul Rye’Shan – Silquije Hyrru – Ahjul is Irlaish, and the youngest Warden.

Tarol Aphys – Silquije Quoye – Tarol is Zentyren, and engaged to Ahjul’s sister Perelei.

Haeric Keel – Silquije Orrah – Haeric is Irlaish/Zentyren. He’s married, with three young sons.

Larak Tehyu – Silquije Shive – Larak is Canadise, and one of Grrake’s oldest friends. He’s married, with three children.

Reshga Yarson, Resh – Silquije Xen – Resh is Zentyren, and good friends with Haeric. They were both trained by Jed Zalders.

Gustor Flevinway – Silquije Lavess – Gustor is Sanonyan. Before going to Calcaria and becoming an Elikwai then Warden, he was an assassin in Sanonyn.


Veserron family

Kaydor – King of Zentyre. 

Zoper – Kaydor’s nephew, heir to the throne. 

Arineema – Kaydor’s wife. She is San Quawr.

Jakkit and Yaila – Zoper’s younger siblings


Council members

They are the primary authority in Calcaria

Enisham – Bactah Falston – Reller – Kwin – Hoppenfietzel (Hop) – Juplay – Illidyu


Family Members

Loestin and Seles – Talea’s father and mother

Naylen – Talea’s older brother

Brenly – Talea’s childhood friend

Alili – Talea’s adopted little sister. Alili was a slave of the Asyjgon that captured Talea in the Garney Mountains.

Nakelsie – Wylan’s younger sister, who is training to be an Elikwai

Tessa Zalders – Yhkon’s fiance, killed four years ago

Calam - Brenly's uncle

Ekirre and Annyve Falston – Bactah’s father and mother

Alket and Ayida – Ki and Kae’s father and mother

Quonas and Emali – Ki and Kae’s younger siblings

Perelei, Pear – Ahjul’s sister, Tarol’s fiance

Anber and Glisi – Skyve’s younger sisters

Jasib and Adashi – Terindi’s father and mother

Avten, Mesda, and Idyani – Terindi’s younger siblings

Jaik, Kinzie, and Lanissa – Yhkon’s older siblings

Karren – Yhkon’s aunt, took care of him and his siblings for a few years when he was a child



Jed Zalders – retired Elikwai captain, helped train Yhkon as a teenager. Tessa’s uncle.

Dranin – Elikwai captain

Jaylee Rhondel, Jay – Enisham’s stepdaughter, a top-ranking Elikwai

Shanteya Ken’d’Valsem – Queen of Sanonyn

Dia Zalders – Tessa’s mother

Mahzin – the first to receive Narone’s prophecy about the Eight, when he was a teenager

Society and geography


There are four primary regions, and a fifth region, the Shadow Region, that is legendarily uninhabitable. The San Quawr managed to colonize a small portion of it. There is also a lesser known chain of islands, the Islands of Mulor.


Zentyre – This is where most of the story takes place. It is where the Eight grew up, and where most Calcarians originate from. Zentyre was the last region to initiate the Eradication. When the Eight were infants, Kaydor—then a military commander—briefly convinced the Leadership to allow him to lead the Eradication. They disbanded it after a few years. When Kaydor became king shortly after the wards’ fifteenth birthday, he began implementing it again.

Irlai – The tropical region connected to Zentyre. Many San Quawr Zentyrens are partially irlaish, their ancestors having immigrated from there. The Eradication is active in Irlai, and very few San Quawr live there.

Sanonyn – The largest of the regions, a cold, wintery place. Decades ago, Sanonyn was the first to initiate the Eradication. However, when Shanteya Ken’d’Valsem took the throne around the time the Eight were born, she ended it.

Canadi – The second largest region, bordering Sanonyn. Canadi is split into two halves, the Northern and Southern, with separate cultures, governments, and races. Canadi has implemented the Eradication on and off almost as long as Sanonyn.

Shadow Region – A legendary, wild land. Most of it is unexplored and unmapped. Several decades ago, the San Quawr managed to inhabit a small portion of the region, though it is still a harsh climate, and the surrounding wilderness is full of dangerous creatures.

Islands of Mulor – Several large islands, inhabited by a fierce warrior race called Asyjgon. A sub-group of the Asyjgon were excommunicated, and settled in the Garney Mountains of Zentyre, where they are thieves and ruffians.


Cities, towns, and villages

Aydimor – The capitol of Zentyre. Ami grew up in an orphanage there.

Calcaria – The San Quawr city in the Shadow Region

Vissler Village – The laborer’s village Talea was born and raised in

Castown – The middle class town Ki and Kae grew up in

Twaskked – A middle class trade port town, where Wylan grew up

Luriville – Terindi’s village

Alesmet Village – Rikky’s village

Fesdor – A middle and upper class town, where Skyve lives

Jalkiva – An island town the San Quawr use as a rest stop between Zentyre and Calcaria



Each region has its own language (Zentyren, Irlaish, Sanonyan, and Canadise). Some of the characters also speak an older language, Calnec-Arayn. Some terms that are frequently used:

Arji – A respectful title used for authority figures in Calcaria. Similar to putting “sir” or “lady” before a name. Instead of Lady Talea, it would be Arji Talea. It can be used for either gender.

Aysa – Calnec-Arayn for “captain”

Silquije – Calnec-Arayn for “warden”. Warden/Silquije is a title and therefore a proper noun, unlike wards, which is just a category. The Wardens’ actual titles are Silquije Eun, Silquije Werrin, etc.

Gsorvi – A Sanonyan expletive



Xanysm is the primary religion of Zentyre. It follows the doctrines of the Benhi’Leyon (the “Storybook”) and Narone. Radical Xanysm is a relatively new religion that many San Quawr—mostly those in Calcaria—believe. It also follows Narone and the Benhi’Leyon, but believes Narone to be benevolent and involved, and believes faith is more important than rules. Kaydor outlawed Radical Xanytes in Zentyre as part of the Eradication.

The Irlaish believe in many gods. For example, Ema the goddess of mercy, Ithor the goddess of strife, Jaskol the goddess of death, Grasmet the god of revenge, etc.

Sanonyans and Canadise have their own religions as well.

The Asyjgon serve their god of war, Vyngem.


Celith – Very similar to a horse. Celiths are long-legged and fast, but don’t have as much stamina as a coliye. They are also more difficult to breed and expensive to take care of, and a very elegant animal, so are usually owned by upper class, nobility, or elite warriors.

Coliye – Smaller and stockier than a celith, similar to a mule or large donkey. Coliyes are slower than celiths, but have much greater endurance. They are also cheaper and easier to acquire and keep. A coliye is what an average soldier would ride. Occasionally, coliyes are used in place of yuleys to pull wagons and plows.

Lareer – A large, winged animal that is native to the Shadow Region. The Calcarians found and domesticated them. Lareers are not quite as large as dragons, and not nearly as dangerous—they are omnivorous and rarely aggressive to humans. While they cannot fly as fast as dragons, the Calcarians prefer them for traveling because of their docility and dependability.


Barbsit – A rabbit-sized rodent, variations of which exist in all the regions. “Barbsit tails” is a common phrase, but barbsits do not actually have tails.


Yuley – A large, muscular bison-like animal. Yuleys are used for various tasks, like plowing and transportation. Cows (females) are preferrable, since bulls are irritable, territorial, and dangerous.


Zorc – A fierce, predatorial bird. With a wingspan of almost ten feet, a sharp beak, and large talons, entering a zorc’s territory is unwise. They are completely black, except for their vivid orange beaks.

Merkil – Similar to a beaver, but larger. Merkils leave along riverbanks, burrowing in the mud, and live on a diet of fish. They are notorious for a strong odor.


Jas – About the size and appearance of a fox, but with small horns and a curled tail. Hunts small animals like barbsits.


Quosip – A turkey-sized bird. Their eggs are a common food item. They are excellent and agile fliers, however, so domestic quosips must be kept enclosed.


Syen – Syens are similar to wolves, but slightly larger, and usually all white or silver. They live only in Sanonyn, sometimes wild, but mostly domesticated. Sanonyans treat them more as respected companions than pets. In their religion, the Sanonyan goddess had a syen that fought alongside her.

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