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Son of Winter - Coming soon!

Somehow, April is already here, which means May is not far behind.

The collaboration with my new cover designer for Son of Winter starts this week, so if all goes smoothly, the cover reveal will be sometime before the end of the month. Then I'll be able to figure out a release date for the book--it will probably be late May.

But I'm doing something different this time. If possible, I'd like to get some reviews as soon as it's released--as I've said before, reviews are essential to gaining a readership! So I'm going to be looking for a few people who read Daughter of Lightning and who would be willing to read a free copy of Son of Winter before it's released, and leave a review once it's published. This would probably happen early May. I'll figure out and share more details closer to the time, but please consider if it's something you might be interested in! If so, feel free to contact me ahead of time.

In the meantime...would you like to know more about the story?

The Eradication--the killing and enslaving of all San Quawr--has returned to Zentyre. Yhkon was just a boy when it first came and left him orphaned, alone, and determined to one day avenge his family.

That day is finally at hand. He and seven fellow warriors must finish gathering the eight teenagers destined to free the San Quawr before the Eradication reaches them and before the man behind it all--Kaydor--discovers their abilities.

In the shadow of an impending war, their journey soon becomes perilous and grueling. Yhkon has secrets that threaten to undermine his leadership and the trust of his ward, Talea.

But he isn’t the only one with secrets that could prove devastating.

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